Our workshops help each individual understand the stress response. We can then identify techniques to individualise their own response to stress and to develop healthy, positive tools to improve their emotional resilience

Stress management is good management.

Managing and developing a person’s improved emotional resilience requires a human approach. The ‘how’ and ‘why’ is different for everyone, requiring a range of verbal, auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods to understand and integrate the learning experience.

Stress is not an illness – it is a state. While there are times we need to rise to the occasion to push though challenges, there has to be a downtime. Constant stress is like a dripping tap that over time can burst and the results can be devastating.

The What is Stress Programme

Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive – not a powerpoint lecture. We take into account different learning styles, and the emotional needs of people who may be feeling well or who may already be highly stressed. We also take care to understand the business context and adapt our sessions accordingly.

How behaviours such as multi-tasking, mood triggers, and time management increase stress. Explore how reducing reactions to stressful situations can be achieved.

Develop skills to minimise stress using perspective evaluation and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural approaches to build an emotional resilience toolkit.

Understand how lifestyle changes enable increased resilience to self manage stress. Step by step explore how different approaches to self care are effective.

1:1 support to manage individual stress reactions and how to reduce chronic exposure to stress. Explore life around the workplace with mechanisms to help.

The programme offers a neutral intervention between employee and employer to prevent potential job-related issues escalating. Mutual understanding of what stress is for both parties can improve communication to build a relationship of trust.

Independent confidential coaching

The complete programme of talks is underpinned with a series of six weekly 1:1 sessions (more if required) either within the workplace or at a convenient location nearby. It is vital to state that the nature of this individual support is completely confidential and care is taken to agree how this part of the process is offered.


Talking about stress with work colleagues may trigger experiences within a person that are better suited to a confidential 1:1 process. Employees may need a support system to resolve personal, individual issues that they do not want to bring to HR. How the individual feels and their response to a situation is highly personal. Confidential coaching that is independent but supported by the organisation further demonstrates a positive proactive approach to an employees overall well-being.

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