Stress is what arises when something you care about is at stake. Our goal at What is Stress is to demonstrate the physiology of stress. We show how stress works, how and why a range of interventions work so that attendees can replace their negative stress cycle with a positive cycle of self-care.

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What is Stress programmes are designed to build an “emotional resilience toolkit” with strategies on how to “survive and thrive” inside and outside the workplace.

Stress management is of increasing concern to companies and individuals as the impact of long-term stress on employees can be significant. Employers who adopt a proactive approach to their employees’ overall wellbeing understand that supporting the whole person – inside and outside the workplace will improve productivity, staff retention and long-term health.

In 2015 alone, a record 17 million working days were lost to stress, costing the economy at least £2.4 billion

Source: UK Statistics Authority

The benefit to understanding stress

Knowledge is power. With education the individual is able to self-manage
their health, happiness and how to increase their emotional resilience

What is Stress enables the employee to proactively improve their health, happiness and productivity through an understanding of the causes and effects of their own personal stress patterns

Employers who take care of their employees’ overall
wellbeing can prevent and reduce workplace stress

Recent research shows that work-related stress is widespread and is not confined to particular sectors, jobs or industries

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